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For many years, the betting industry knew little about customers and their betting behaviour as the traditional retail transactional process was anonymous. Today, many industries have adopted CRM strategies.

Operators need to transform the information into value creation and look at different segments to produce targeted offers that will satisfy a variety of different needs.

The exercise of customer segmentation is a common approach. The level of analysis, evaluation and implementation can still vary widely from one operator to another. An updated CRM system contributes to the knowledge of the company, but how to distinguish the important information from the unimportant and what type of action to put in place to turn new customers into loyal customers? In time of Covid crisis, are you adapting your strategy differently ?

Johanna Åberg explains how ATG’s CRM strategy was adapted in January 2019 when Swedish gambling market was opened to competition.

Baniel Cheung establishes a common platform and understanding of the CRM subject with self-experienced cases.

PMU’s CRM strategy was adapted to the French punters, mainly offline consumers. Covid-19 pandemic situation changed everything, Jean-Bapiste Jesbac explains the transition.

Johanna Åberg

Head of Marketing at ATG

Baniel Cheung

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the University of Hong Kong

Jean-Baptiste Jesbac

Customer & CRM Manager at PMU

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