WoTA is launching a series of Webinars on marketing and customers’ knowledge for the benefits of its members and the exchange of best practices.

They are free for members; A fee will be requested for non-members.

Please consult the page regularly for updates on dates and topics.

Planned Webinars in 2024

January 2024 – Webinar to explore horserace betting related Innovations

WoTA members will talk about innovations their organisation is bringing to pool betting

April 2024 – Webinar on the impact of taxation on horserace betting

Knowing that many governments around the world plan or are in the process of raising gaming and betting tax rates and considering that Gambling Regulators in most jurisdictions are treating all betting offers and all games the same way in terms of constraints and restrictions,

WoTA wishes to demonstrate that a specific treatment of the horseracing betting system is a valuable move for governments, regulators and the customers for multiple reasons.

July 2024 – Webinar to analyse restrictions to gambling – real impact or counterproductive impact?