Emerging new technologies and the Metaverse are changing how betting operators deliver their products and how customers see betting, more as part of an entertainment around racing and other sports.

Virtual NFT horse racing universe where you can buy and breed NFT horses, and host races in your owned hippodromes for actual profit could be one of the ways to create new racehorse fans. The aim of the Webinar is not only to look at such projects but to understand why some operators are moving from betting to gaming in order to address a new community.

Wayne Henrys, Head of Racing Wagering Product at the Hong Kong Jockey Club will take us into the virtual world and inform participants about the HKJC’s projects.

The virtual Ascot planned for 2024 will be presented by Vincent Caldwell, CEO of VLR, followed by his business partner Bobby Chow of Vertex Labs to look at Metarace.

Constantin Garreau, Director of innovation at the PMU will update us on PlayStables, the new game launched in the beginning of the year.