Full video of the Webinar

In most jurisdictions pool betting is closely associated with multileg bets, while traditionally it is seen that fixed odds betting is dominate in the single bet market. But does this always have to be the case and could it change in the future?

In this webinar we will investigate the relationship between the single and multileg bet across key racing jurisdictions and understand how pool betting can grow its market share across both bet types.

Jon Knapman

Hosted by Jon Knapman – Chief Commercial Officer – UK Tote Group UK, the webinar has looked at UK, Swedish and US markets.

Jamie Hart

Jamie Hart – Director of Racing and Liquidity – UK Tote Group UK, has explored why single bets dominate in a largely fixed odds market and how this works for customers: what people tend to think about multileg bets versus the reality of creating big multileg pools. He has seen how multileg bets can be made more popular.

Nicklas Jonsson

Nicklas Jonsson – Head of Horseracing Betting – ATG Sweden, has highlighted the many innovations in multileg bets to improve the customer experience.

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser – Senior Vice President International – XB Net USA, has set the scene in US, where pool betting will be competing with fixed odds for the first time and what it will mean for multileg bets?