WoTA is launching a series of Webinars on marketing and customers’ knowledge for the benefits of its members and the exchange of best practices.

They are free for members; A fee will be requested for non-members.

Please consult the page regularly for updates on dates and topics.

First Webinar on 22 October 2020 – How to make retail – digital?

The retail business in horse betting has been under pressure for a long time. Such trend has been accentuated by new gaming regulations and this year, the Covid-19 first imposed shut down and then introduced very strict requirements for infection control.  

Many operators have seen a solution in bringing digital tools and experiences inside retail.  

Is it the beginning of the end for the retail betting shop? 

How is digital reshaping the retail? 

Do betting shops need a digital facelift in the post-coronavirus world? 

We will look at the changing face of the retail betting shop with professionals working daily in retail transformation in Australia, Hong Kong, UK, US and Sweden

January 2021: Marketing to Generation Z

How do the horseracing sport and betting companies meet Generation Z needs and requirements?

How do we transform them into horseracing sport fans and regular punters?

Generation Z is digitally educated generation, very demanding and impatient. They have high expectations and low tolerance for errors and mistakes. Visually oriented design, fast loading speed, seamless experience on different devices, shareability, gamification and at the same time simplicity and clearness – this is what Digital Native generation expects. How do we meet their requirements and how do the betting and entertainment industry get ready for this?

April 2021: CRM is a profitable business philosophy.

It is more important than ever to know your customers. Faster changes in customer behaviour require a successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. Many of the traditional betting shops has for decades had a customer’s philosophy that “one size fits all”. Most of them are closed today.

The market has changed and the competition for your costumers’ attention requires an increasing degree of detailed customer segmentation. An updated CRM system contributes to the knowledge of the company, but how to distinguish the important information from the unimportant and what type of action to put in place to turn new customers into loyal customers?

June 2021: How to promote the benefits of pool concentrations compared to fixed odds betting, mutual threats or compatible?

The tote model versus fixed odds has been on the WoTA (EPMA) agenda for a long time.

Is pool betting more sustainable bet type than fixed odds?

Has the tote wagering stagnated?

Are the legal arguments on the Tote, a way to improve the image of the company towards the decision makers? The public?

Can fixed odds betting serve as a much-needed competitive correction to modernize a tote product?

Pari mutuel betting has dominated the American landscape for decades.

In Great Britain, a jurisdiction which has been dominated by fixed-odds betting for decades, pari-mutuel wagering has been a minor player but remains popular and UK Tote Group is today only focussing and developing the Tote offer…why?

In Asia, including markets like Japan and Hong Kong, fixed odds bookmakers are illegal. Racing authorities in Australia are looking to address the leakage of turnover from racing to sport and a more competitive tote product and a national pool, seen as one of the answers to the problem.