WoTA is launching a series of Webinars on marketing and customers’ knowledge for the benefits of its members and the exchange of best practices.

They are free for members; A fee will be requested for non-members.

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25 January 2022

How to achieve an attractive betting product in today’s society: single vs multi legs ?

The speakers will look at ways in which pool betting can be more appealing in the single bet market, where it is competing with bookmakers, while at the same making the most of the opportunity it has to create and market exciting multileg bets and grow their popularity. Crucially, the webinar will explore if both of these developments be achieved at the same time in the pool betting market ?  


Jon Knapman, Chief Commercial Officer, UK Tote Group  


Jamie Hart, Racing and Liquidity Director, UK Tote Group  

Nicklas Jonsson, Head of Horseracing Betting, ATG  

Simon Fraser, Senior Vice President International, XB Net

Webinars programmed for 2022

March – Development of Commingling: The future of the Tote Protocol and the Global Bet

May – Betting Offer/Bonuses: How operators adapt to regulatory barriers

July – Tote integration across Regions (European Nordic model, US system)

September – Racing integrity, medication and welfare information and the impact on betting

November – How to use digital marketing in racing business