Horse Betting operators have created the World Tote Association, WoTA on 15 June 2020.

The World Tote Association brings together Tote/parimutuel betting operators from around the world to work together to promote and support the horseracing industry in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.

All members of the World Tote Association support:

  • A percentage of revenues going towards supporting beneficiaries, including the horseracing sector
  • The optimisation of technology and operations to ensure members can exchange best practice and develop mutually beneficial work streams collaboratively
  • Continued development of leading standards for social responsibility to priorities safer betting and protection of customers a priority
  • Utilising technology to ensure an engaging and positive customer experience in national and global pools.

WoTA counts 21 tote operators representing a turnover of more than €25 billion and 7 Associated members (Technology and services providers and Racing organisers).

WoTA merges members of the European Pari Mutuel Association, EPMA and the Asian African Tote Association, AATA.

Alex Frost, CEO of the UK Tote Group and Hans Lord Skarploth, CEO of ATG are co-chairing the Association in 2023/2024 and Keith Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer of AmTote of Stronach Group, is the treasurer.

Members are promoting specific values of the Pari Mutuel betting model:

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Trust

Members have responsibilities to customers, shareholders, regulators, national governments, and society as a whole.

Beyond legal obligations, our members are committed to maintaining a balance between their commercial objectives and social responsibility, including the promotion of responsible gambling and funding for horseracing.

WoTA welcomes technology and services providers in the horse betting industry as Associated members. Horse Racing organisers are closely linked to the work of WoTA.