There is no specific legislation to regulate gambling in Morocco and no national regulator.

However, three national operators have been given the exclusivity by Ministerial Decree to offer different games and bets to consumers in Morocco: SOREC for horserace betting, Marocaine des Jeux for Sport betting and Loterie Nationale for lottery products. Casino are regulated by regional concessions.

The SOREC, Société Royale d’Encouragement du Cheval, was created by Decree No. 2-03-262 of 13 May 2003, authorizing the Moroccan State to subscribe to a 99.75% stake in the capital of the SOREC.
The SOREC is in the form of a Société Anonyme under Moroccan law under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests.

The SOREC operates through two specifications enabling it to manage the two main activities  in the equine sector in Morocco:

  • The activities of the Race Advisory Committee (CCC) with the management, on an exclusive basis, of pari mutuel bets taken off racecourses on Moroccan and French races (Decree No. 2-07-209 of 28 March 2007 approving the specifications relating to the transfer of Moroccan horse racing activities and urban pari-mutuel betting to the SOREC);
  • Management of national studs (Decree No. 2-10-489 of 29 December 2010 approving the specifications for the transfer of the activities of national studs to the SOREC).

In Morocco, players can bet on both Moroccan and international races, according to a programme established by the SOREC: The Moroccan races organized in the 7 racecourses of the Kingdom and The international races through a historic partnership with the French operator (PMU).

The SOREC has 70% of the gaming market shares.