Since 1991, an amendment bill regarding the Hungarian gambling act was adopted in order to reform the regulation of remote gambling.

Online gambling has been legal since 2013

Horse racing is covered under joint decree No.20 of 5 November 1991 with its special rules on horse race betting. Conferring exclusive rights to the state of Hungary falls under the Act 16 of 1991 on concession.

The law widens the scope of games legally available via the Internet, as remote gambling includes not only online horserace betting and online card games (as the previous version of the law stipulated), but also sports betting and online casino games.

Betting on horse racing is exempt from gaming tax for the purpose of breeding.

In the case of a bookmaker bet, at least 75% of the prize pool and at least 68% of the totalizator horse race betting pool (separate pool) must be used for prizes. These conditions must be met annually in the case of bookmaker betting.

In the case of totalizator horse racing betting organized in the framework of international cooperation, the minimum share of the prize pool to be spent on winnings may be allowed up to a minimum of 62% in accordance with the rules of the game developed and adopted by all participating gambling operators.