Gambling Legislation in Australia

In Australia, there are some federal controls, especially regarding consumer protection in gambling, and then states and territories govern individual gambling laws.

Between five to 14 different laws regulate all forms of gambling in the 8 states and territories, each with a regulator in charge of Lotteries, Casino and Betting.

A link to all Regulatory Agencies and regulations.

The Interactive Gambling Bill of 2001 regulates the online gambling. The Australian Communications and Media Authority, ACMA, regulates the online gambling market. The law changed in 2017 to combat groups from outside Australia that provide illegal gambling services over the internet.

Since these reforms:

  • Over 130 online gambling services have withdrawn from the Australian market; and
  • Reports show that the amount of money people lost on gambling services based outside Australia has reduced.

Since the ACMA made its first blocking request in November 2019, 263 illegal gambling websites have been blocked.

A survey undertaken during COVID crisis showed that:

  • Almost 1 in 3 survey participants signed up for a new online betting account during COVID-19, and 1 in 20 started gambling online;
  • Even with limited access to venues participants gambled more often during COVID-19. The proportion who gambled four or more times a week increased from 23% to 32%; and
  • Horse racing, sports betting, greyhound racing and lotto were the main products that participants gambled on before and during COVID-19.