ATG was founded in 1974. The company was established with the aim of guaranteeing long-term stability for trotting and thoroughbred racing. ATG is owned by STC – Swedish Trotting Association 90% and SG – Swedish Jockey Club 10%. Of the twelve directors who make up the board, the state appoints six, one of these being the Chairman. 

ATG is licensed by the Swedish Government to arrange betting on horse racing. The licence regulates the conditions governing betting activities and comes up for renewal at regular intervals. 


Main annual races

– Olympiatravet – Åby

– Harper Hanovers Lopp – Solvalla

– Elitloppet – Solvalla

– Hugo Åbergs Memorial – Jägersro

– Jubileumspokalen – Solvalla

– Sundsvall Open Trot – Bergsåker

– European Championship for three years old – Jägersro

– European Championship for five years old – Åby