Mrs Camilla Constance Garmann

CEO of Norsk Rikstoto

What are the most important challenges facing Norsk Rikstoto in 2022?
How do you see the priorities for 2022?

There are many challenges during 2022, first of all the implementation of the new regulations according to financial limits for loss per customer. We do not know the final financial impact of this yet.

Furthermore, we are now preparing for the new regulations for gambling in Norway that will enter into force from January 1st 2023. This means that Norsk Rikstoto needs to apply for the exclusive right to be able to offer betting on horseraces in Norway. Before we can apply for this “right”, we need to make some changes to the articles of associations in our company which is a foundation. This process has just started and will keep our internal resources busy during this year.

What kind of relationship do you have with international organisations in general? With Pari Mutuel operators in particular?

We have a good and professional relationship with our external business partners which also includes the Pari Mutuel operators.

Could Norsk Rikstoto take more advantage of WoTA information on a more regular basis and how?  What can WoTA do differently to become more relevant for operators like Norsk Rikstoto?

We are trying to set the strategic direction for the future. How will the market change and who will win “the battle of the customers’ attention”! These are important and difficult answers, we already know a lot about the coming generations like GenZ, but which customer segment should we focus on and which should we invest in? These are important topics.

Norway is in a special situation with many regulations for the companies that are permitted to offer money gambling. The major task is to protect the customers from unhealthy gambling behaviour and also secure that our channels are not exploited for money laundering.

These are important topics that should be similar for other members of WoTA as well.

All over Europe horseracing decline. Where do you see Norsk Rikstoto in a 10 – 15 years perspective?

See answers above, this is one of our major challenges for the next decade. We need to be able to attract the players with modern and exciting horseraces taking place at racecourse, but also look to include virtual tools to attract the next generation.

What do you do when you are not the CEO of Norsk Rikstoto?

 I am constantly busy due to my family, and also enjoy jogging, hiking in the mountains domestic and going abroad, but horses are also on the agenda in my spare time – but for me it is dressage and jumping with the horses. It’s one of the few things that I can do and not think about anything else than focusing on the horse and the instructor, it really gives a mental break in a busy day.

Please tell us what is your best memory of a sport (horseracing or other) event you have attended?

There are so many professional moments, but I would like to highlight the recruitment of the athletes to trotting and racing. I love to see the young children with their ponies racing on the track, they are the future of the sport and we need every one of them to be able to offer exiting races for our customers! I even joined a pony race at the gallop racetrack last year, a scary, but really adrenaline shot I can promise you!!