Your first impression after the confirmation of your membership in November 2023?

ARC: We fell honour and recognition for our humble contribution for the industry. At the same time the responsibility to deliver compromise and innovation to WoTA.

What can WoTA brings to your company? And what your company can bring to WoTA?

ARC: It will definitely bring knowledge and knowhow from other members by sharing experience and challenges and we are sure we can deliver ours as well. We believe by being part of WoTA, it will also deliver more institutionalist to our activities.

What can WoTA do differently (or change priorities) to become even more relevant for you?

ARC: Once we have a complete knowledge on WoTA activities and networking with the different members we will know if something different or new we can propose.

What are the most important challenges your company is facing in 2024?

ARC: Keep pushing for integrity and transparency from the roots of the industry to be more competitive in front of other sports and entertainment options for the choice of the customers.

What kind of relationship do you have with tote/horserace betting operators?

ARC: We have diverse relationships. From buying and installing Tote Systems to have them all providing services to us on regular basis. 

Where do you see your company in a 10 – 15 years’ time?

ARC: The challenge we see ahead is to be able to read and understand the permanent evolution of the market to deliver content to the customer. Meaning by this, the way the content is created and delivered to the customer in all present and future ways.

What do you do when you are not in charge of Horserace betting issues?

ARC: We get involve in as many possible areas of racing to bring new ideas and in some case help to evolve. We believe racing as a whole needs to be at its best always. This will feed at the same time each individual area of the racing industry creating a virtual circle.

Please tell us what is your best memory of a sport (horseracing or other) event you have attended?

ARC: Far too many! Here are some of them.

  • Watching our own horse (Winning Prize) winning the Santa Anita Handicap (GI)
  • Invasor winning the Breeder’s Cup Classic and the Dubai World Cup
  • American Pharoah becoming a Triple Crown winner.
  • Argentina winning 2022 World Cup!!!